How to Become a Female Escort in the UK

Thinking about becoming an escort? This is the guide for you. We’ve broken down the process into a step-by-step guide that will help you get your escort career off the ground and will help you decide whether or not you are truly cut out for the business.

Whether it’s joining an agency or starting your own escort business, this guide will serve as your one-stop-shop for all things escort-related.

What Does an Escort Do, Exactly?

There are a lot of misconceptions about escorts and the kind of work they do. Some people assume being an escort is merely about sex, whilst others think the job is merely about providing platonic company.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Being an escort is partly about providing company and it is partly about sex and intimacy. Whilst it’s possible to be an escort without providing sexual encounters, almost all of the well-paid escorts in the UK provide sex to their client.

Is Working As an Escort Legal in the UK?

Absolutely. Working as an escort is completely legal in the United Kingdom and there are no laws that are against escorts whatsoever. Also it is completely legal to advertise escort services online.

What Does an Escort Job Involve?

Escorts have to wear many hats. Not only do they have to provide company and a glamorous appearance, but they must also be good communicators who are able to have interesting conversations with their clients.

The client base for escorts are extremely varied. One week you may be entertaining a businessman, they next you may be accompanying a doctor to a dinner function. This is perhaps the biggest difference between escorting work and prostitution work. The client base for the former is often more sophisticated and ‘upmarket’ than the latter.

Potential escorts must also be comfortable with having casual sex, too, and an open mind about sex and sexual activities. They must be open-minded and adventurous whilst also being nurturing and supportive to more reserved and introverted clients.

People skills are absolutely essential in the world of escorting. The more comfortable you make your clients feel, the more regularly they come back and ask for your company. Later on in this guide we’ll discuss the importance of social skills and escort etiquette in more detail – but remember that having good people skills is vital in this field.

Is There a Difference Between an Escort and a Call Girl?

A call girl is someone who works for an agency and is sent out to places for the sole intention of having sexual encounters. They’re often significantly cheaper than escorts and will not accompany clients to any form of social event or gathering.

Call girls are almost never independent workers. Unlike escorts, it’s not common for a call girl to dictate her own working hours and locations. They do, however, charge higher prices and make more money than street walking prostitutes.

Escorts make arguably the most money out of the three different roles. They also have more flexibility and autonomy over their working patterns.

Is it Possible to be an Escort Without Offering Sex?

t’s possible to be an escort who does not offer any sexual services at all.

However, the market for purely platonic relationships with escorts is much, much smaller than sexual relationships. Most people who use escort services are looking for sex as well as companionship. Therefore it is hard to find clients who are merely looking for company.

Generally, the prices for these services are much lower and is a fraction of what sexual escorts make. However, an escort should never feel obligated to have sex with the client if they do not wish to do so and it has not been agreed upon.

If you’re looking to become an escort who offers no sexual services, remember it’s possible, but it’s going to be substantially harder and less lucrative to find clients compared to sexual escorts.

What is an Independent Escort?

An independent escort is someone who is self-employed and does not work an agency or an institution.

They are able to set their own working hours, fees, and have greater autonomy on what they will and will not do for for their clients.

One of the downsides from being independent is that you are responsible for finding your own clients and promoting your services. This means spending money on advertising and hosting your profile on certain websites. This can be very expensive and time consuming. Also you need somebody to cover you during your meetings. If you just get started it might be best to work with an agency or reputable platform.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Escort?

It’s very possible to make a comfortable living out of being an escort but there are many factors that will influence your earning power.

A lot of your earnings will depend on what your client base is and which area of society you operate your business in. An escort will only deals with the wealthy and well-connected will have a much better financial situation than one who operates in a more hard-pressed area of society.

Some escorts have made earnings of up to £200 and more an hour. The best way to guarantee a classy client base is to get listed on a reputable escort site.

How Do I Become a High-Priced Escort?

It’s very possible to transform your financial situation with escorting. Learning how to provide a top-quality service requires learning skills, methods, and gaining experience – just like any other industry.

To put it bluntly, an escort needs to be good at what they do before they’re able to make serious money. This begs the question – how can an escort become better?

Social Skills

Social skills are the most important asset that an escort can possess. In fact, having charisma and being warm and friendly are much more important traits than looks.

An escort needs to be able to converse with and relate to a wide range of different people. They can range from married men to single international businessmen. Couples can also approach you and ask for your services.

A good escort has to be versatile and able to adapt to a multitude of different social settings and clients.

Make Your Clients Feel Worthwhile

People spend money with businesses that make them feel good. Escorting is no different.

If your demeanor with clients appears cold, calculated, or disinterested, they will lose interest in your business and be unwilling to spend their money with you again.

A good escort will make their clients feel secure and appreciated and will often engage in long conversations with them whilst appearing warm and friendly for the duration of the visit.

Of course, that does not mean that an escort should have no boundaries. Whilst the escort should do their best to make the client feel worthwhile, they still have to receive good manners in return from the client.

Dos and Don’ts For Aspiring Escorts

In this section, we’ll look at some of the dos and do not dos for every aspiring escort out there. This will help you develop an understanding of the job in further detail and will give you tips for along the way.

Protect Your Identity

This is absolutely vital for the safety of yourself and your business.

Never agree to meet a client at your personal home address. This could jeopardize your safety if the client becomes infatuated with you (which is common) and you don’t need them coming over to your home. Make sure that any out-calls are done in a safe, secondary location such as a hotel room or a rented apartment

It is also very important to not give out your main telephone number and especially not your landline number (as they can easily be traced to a home) and instead use a secondary number that can not be traced to your address or general vicinity.

Should I Take Payments Electronically?

Absolutely not. Taking bank transfers or any other form of electronic payment can raise suspicion easily. Instead, ask for money in cash and ask for it as soon as you arrive at the premises.

Always count the money that the client has given you to ensure that the correct amount of money is present. The clients of high class escort sites are usually very generous and also tip well. Still it is always a good idea to count your money.

How Do I Sign Up with an Escort Agency?

The best way to get involved with an escort agency is to contact them directly or to meet someone who works at one. Some platforms have a very easy sign up and you can get started right away.

The platform will take some commission rate from you. In exchange, they will protect you and make sure that you only work with reputable clients.

A reliable escort service will have a professional website with real reviews and escorts on them. They’ll also effectively screen candidates for your safety, as well as keeping a log of those who have used their services previously. Reputable agencies are available in all major UK cities like London, Birmingham and Liverpool.